Virtual Surgery Intelligence (VSI) for patient education.

VSI Patient Education – the smartes way to inform your patients about their disease and its progression, about treatment and also surgical procedures.

MRI & CT images in
3D of your patients

Inform your patients visually using their own original CT / MRI scans. The 3D view helps your patients to gain a deeper understanding of the findings, surgical procedures and other measures.


You and your patient watch together at the same virtual image using the Mixed Reality headset (Microsoft HoloLens). While your patient is just looking, as the doctor you can use the functions of VSI Patient Education.

Draw &

With the VSI Patient Education, you can make virtual on the original 3D MRI / CT scans and superfluous suppression to best educate your patients.

Display disease

Use VSI Patient Education to show your patients the progression of their disease and explain findings, developments and forecasts based on a timeline.

Your Benefits:

  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Help patients gain a better
  • Raise patients’ confidence in your capabilities
  • Develop an innovative image
  • Increase your number of patients