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About the VSI

Are you planning an event (congress, conference etc.) for medical professionals and want to inform about the latest technologies for clinics, surgeries, operating theatres etc.?

We introduce our VSI-Virtual Surgery Intelligence – with presentation, live demonstration and hands-on testing. Talk to us!

About the operating theatre of the future

How should an operating theatre be equipped to cope with new technologies? What can the hospital expect? What technologies await us and what will an operating theatre of the future look like?

In the near future there will be no more screens in the operating room, all displays will be displayed in the mixed reality world. At your event we will present the future of surgery.

Bitkom Techtouch 2018

About AI in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence in medicine is a huge topic that is currently making an appearance everywhere. Although AI is already part of everyday life in many industries, it is a largely unexplored field for many hospitals. How does AI work and what advantages does it offer?

VSI Virtual Surgery Intelligence is a perfect example of AI in hospital processes: From the diagnosis to the operating room to the patient visit.

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