Multimedia patient education with VSI holomedicine.

Digital inovation for doctor and patient

VSI Holomedicine Patient Education – the smartes way to inform your patients about their disease and its progression, about treatment and also surgical procedures.

MRI & CT images in
3D of your patients

Inform your patients visually using their own original CT / MRI / SPECT/CT scans. The 3D view helps your patients to gain a deeper understanding of the findings, surgical procedures and other measures.


You and your patient watch together at the same virtual image using the Mixed Reality headset (Microsoft HoloLens). While your patient is just looking, as the doctor you can use the functions of VSI Patient Education.

Draw &

With the VSI Patient Education, you can make virtual on the original 3D MRI / CT scans and superfluous suppression to best educate your patients.

Display disease

Use VSI Patient Education to show your patients the progression of their disease and explain findings, developments and forecasts based on a timeline.

Your Benefits:

  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Help patients gain a better
  • Raise patients’ confidence in your capabilities
  • Develop an innovative image
  • Increase your number of patients

Pre-surgery education with VSI Patient Education

Teaching patients about their conditions is reaching a new digital and multimedia level. With the VSI PE you can educate your patients visually, intuitively and comprehensibly for the patient. The VSI displays your patient’s original CT and MRI images three-dimensionally in Microsoft’s HoloLens: mixed-reality glasses made to blend reality and the virtual world. You and your patient each wear a Hololens and see identical images in the room, while the real environment remains completely visible. As an educational doctor, you can cut into the 3D images, find the right spot and make virtual markings to show the patient.

The great advantage of patient consultation with VSI PE lies in the visualization. The patient is not used to seeing and interpreting 2-dimensional CT or MRI images. The 3D display helps them better process information and to get a better and deeper understanding of what is happening or is to happen to them.

It creates confidence in the procedure, the clinic and the doctor and raises the quality of education. It removes the fear of surgical interventions and increases patient satisfaction. The prestige of the doctor or the clinic can thus be improved and a reputation of innovation is created.

VSI PE is also particularly helpful for foreign-language patients. It helps the doctor fulfil their duty to provide information and also to educate patients who do not speak sufficient German.  Other possible applications could include, for example, a delegation of the informative talk to a doctor’s colleague.

The VSI Patient Education can be used for patient education discussions in hospitals, in medical care centres and by any surgically active doctors.

Natural Rendering

VSI Natural Rendering is a new visualization method that displays tissue structures from CT and MRI images photorealistically in color. This helps the patient orientate themselves anatomically and to understand what the further measures look like. This function can be switched on and off by the clarifying physician if necessary.

Full automation

Simple and intuitive: With the VSI Manager, you can upload any of your patients’ CT and MRI data to your HoloLens glasses with one click.

SI surgery manager