VSI Streamer

Ultrasound, microscope, endoscope, laparoscope and other instruments

The VSI Streamer Box displays the ultrasound, microscope, endoscope, and laparoscope images along with others virtually in Microsoft’s Mixed Reality HoloLens glasses. If required, several views can be displayed simultaneously.

Your benefits:

  • Virtual monitor can be positioned freely in the room
  • No need to turn away from the patient
  • Simultaneous display of several monitors possible
  • No need for conventional monitors anymore

About VSI Streamer

The VSI Streamer is a box that can be connected to ultrasound, endoscope, microscope, laparoscope and other devices via HDMI connection. The view of the imaging devices, which is conventionally displayed on a monitor, is transmitted wirelessly and in real time to the Mixed Reality HoloLens glasses from Microsoft and appears as a virtual monitor that can be flexibly moved and positioned in space. Since this is Mixed Reality, the real environment remains visible. Not only one virtual monitor can be streamed into the MR glasses, but also several at the same time if required.

VSI Streamer Data

  • Live image transmission in real time (no delay)
  • Ultrasound, microscope, endoscope, laparoscope etc.
  • Wireless
  • Easy to connect: Plug & Play
  • Applicable everywhere
  • Electrical connection
  • Long range (dependent on the router)
  • CE-certified


The VSI Streamer can be used together with the Microsoft HoloLens glasses and the VSI software. We currently have an early adapter price, which will be sent on request.