VSI Add-Ons

VSI Streamer Box


The patented VSI Streamer Box transmits live footage from ultrasounds, endoscopes, microscopes, laparoscopes and many more directly into the world of mixed reality. Monitors are no longer needed. The virtual image can be positioned anywhere in the room.

Surface Hub

Telemedicine at the highest level: Surface Hub is a digital and interactive whiteboard that makes geographical limitations a thing of the past. Specialist physicians can interactively follow important surgeries live while assistant physicians can learn from the surgeons viewpoint.


Virtually beam colleagues to crucial surgeries or to important tumourboard conferences and overcome spatial restrictions. The colleague, including his movements and gestures, is visible as a hologram in the real world through the MR glasses HoloLens.

Protection Shield

The safe VSI Protection Shield (face shield) allows you to protect your face from splashes, dust, and saliva while using HoloLens 2 and VSI Holomedicine. The visor holder is simply attaches to the HoloLens 2 and the associated face protection films can be replaced after each operation.

You can order a package from us consisting of a visor holder and 20 films at a one-time price of 50.00 €.