VSI- Virtual Surgery Intelligence Visceral

For 3D imaging and examination of CTs and planning of visceral interventions

Your advantages:

  • Faster and more accurate diagnoses
  • Improved anatomical orientation
  • More precise localization of pathology
  • More precise planning of the surgical intervention
  • Detailed case presentation
  • Future-proof through new functions and upgrades

Diagnostics and surgery planning:

  • Upload of CT recordings and processed STL files
  • Automatic 3D representation of CTs in the mixed reality world
  • Automatic overlay and merging of STL files to one file
  • More accurate overview of anatomy and pathology
  • Virtual surgery┬áplanning in 3D that can be accessed any time and anywhere
Holomedizin Leber

Case presentation:

  • OR planning can be done virtually with the VSI in the mixed reality world
  • All details are stored in 3D and can be viewed from any location
  • All participants can view the planning at the same time
  • Multimedia and 3-dimensional presentation of the case to colleagues
  • Planning model can also be called up shortly before the operation

Functions coming soon:

  • Intraoperative comparison by merging the 3D CT image with the OR site
  • Automatic preparation of CT data

About VSI Visceral

VSI Virtual Sugery Intelligence is a holomedical and intelligent software for doctors. It uses mixed reality glasses, such as the HoloLens from Microsoft. The VSI displays all CT, MRI, SPECT, STL data and more automatically in 3D. Just a few clicks on the PC and the image data appears in 3D in the MR world in just a couple seconds. The real environment remains completely visible at all times.

This innovative holomedicine technology around the VSI Evolving Hospital takes everyday hospital life to a whole new level, from patient education and training of young colleagues to diagnostics, OR planning, OR documentation and rounds, etc.

Full Automation & Integration

  • Fast upload: 1-click upload of all CT and MRI data
  • Fully automated upload from your own PC through the VSI Manager
  • Central control of the VSI Manager
  • Integration of the VSI Evolving Hospital into the hospital system

Medical Advisory Board / Testimonial

The development of the VSI visceral area is determined and designed by practicing visceral surgeons. It is a product from visceral surgeons for visceral surgeons to make everyday work easier and safer for patients.

Are you looking for functions that we have not yet introduced, but which would be helpful to you and other visceral surgeons? Contact us and become part of the medical advisory board of VSI Visceral. More information here.