Virtual Surgery Intelligence Traumatology

Pre- and post-operative trauma surgery support

Your Benefits:

  • A straightforward localization of the fracture points
  • Make diagnoses faster and more precisely
  • See fracture point from all perspectives
  • Plan your surgery steps faster and better
  • Future-proof with new useful features and upgrades

Diagnostics and surgery planning:

  • 3D display of bones in the room
  • Automatic rendering of bone structure in CT-scans
  • See both if needed: rendered bones and soft tissue
  • Accurate overview of anatomy and pathology
  • Support in determining the optimal surgical access

Intraoperative use:

  • Increasing the safety and efficiency of surgical interventions
  • Visibility of the finest tissue structures and fractures
  • Move, rotate and slice
  • Voice commands

Features coming soon:

  • Intraoperative alignment by fusion of the 3D CT image with the surgical site
  • Automatic coloring of blood vessels

VSI Traumatology

Virtual Sugery Intelligence (VSI) is intelligent software for surgeons that uses the HoloLens, mixed reality glasses from Microsoft, to display CT slice images with realistic bone colours and 3D depth. The integrated new visualization method renders the grey computed tomography images and displays them photorealistically. This type of imaging makes even the finest tissue and fracture structures visible. Images with their natural appearance make it easier for surgeons to find their way around and make things clearer, for example in the treatment of complicated fractures, but also in diagnostics and surgical preparation. Complex joints such as hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, ankles and many more can be viewed in 3D in open space.

It provides the traumatologist with a preoperative overview of the patient’s anatomy and pathology, helps to determine the optimal surgical approach and how to damage as little tissue as possible.

Unlike virtual reality, mixed reality technology fades the 3D images into the real environment. The images are uploaded in any Dicom format from a PC or laptop to the Microsoft HoloLens so that the trauma surgeon can visually immerse into them, walk around them, move, cut and view them in realistic depth. This innovative technology takes patient education and training of young colleagues as well as diagnostics, surgical planning and quality of patient care to a completely new level.

Photorealistic representation of the bones: VSI Bone Rendering

The VSI renders computed tomography image, every bone and all fractures. This gives the bone structures their realistic colour and makes them vivid. In addition, the technology of mixed/augmented reality allows seeing these images in real three-dimensional depth. The rendering itself is done by a specially developed algorithm.

Functions of the Traumatology Basic Package

Upload quickly and easily:
  • Any CT format
  • Locally from your PC or laptop
  • 1-Click
  • Duration: 1 minute

Full automatization

  • Fast upload: 1-click upload of all CT and MRI data
  • Fully automated upload from your own Laptop through VSI Manager
  • Central control of VSI Traumatology by using VSI Manager
  • Full integration into the hospital system

Medical Advisory Board / Testimonial

The development of VSI Traumatology is determined and significantly shaped by practicing trauma surgeons. It is a product designed by traumatologists for traumatologists to make everyday work easier and safer for patients.

Would you like functions that we have not yet implemented but which would be very helpful to you and other traumatologists? Contact us and become a member of the Medical Advisory Board of VSI Traumatology. More Information you will find here.