Virtual Surgery Intelligence
for Oral-Maxillofacial Procedures

Supporting in Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery Planning

Your Advantages:

  • Most precise diagnosis of complex fractures
  • Observe fractures from all angles in 3D
  • More rapid and safe surgery planning
  • Enables non-invasive, navigation-supported procedures
  • More precise preparation and execution of transplants
  • Future-proof thanks to regular updates and upgrades

VSI Functions:

  • Automatic upload of MRI, CT, Angio-CT, STL and CBCT scans onto the HoloLens headset
  • Free spatial positioning of the uploaded scans
  • 3D observation of the MRI, CT, Angio-CT and CBCT scans in the Mixed Reality World
  • Virtual merging of 3D STL records with the corresponding 3D imaging
  • Rendering of bone structures from all CT formats
  • Vivid representation of vessels through automatic colouring
  • Virtually superimpose the 3D imaging onto the patient for a more precise procedure, e.g. for bone reconstructions or resections

About VSI for Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery

Virtual Surgery Intelligence (VSI) for Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery consitutes intelligent software for the discipline of oral-maxillofacial surgery. It uses the HoloLens – a mixed reality headset from Microsoft – to represent MRI, CT, angio CT and digital  volume tomography scans in true 3D and with realistic colouring. The wearer’s environment remains visible at all times, with the virtual elements projected into the real-life surrounding space, free for the surgeon to reposition at will. Reality is simply and effectively augmented. VSI is operated touchlessly, using gestures or voice commands. The wearer can ‘glide’ through the individual layers of the 3D scans, observing important structures and fractures from all angles.


Computer Tomography (CT) scans are easily and quickly loaded into VSI for Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery with a laptop, and automatically appear in 3D in the HoloLens headset. The scans can be repositioned within the wearer’s surroundings at will, and allow the wearer to move around the scan, as well as enter into it virtually. Each individual layer can be observed from every angle.


Rendering allows bone structures to be viewed clearly in seconds. Bone tissue is displayed vividly in photorealistic colour and density. In addition, soft tissue structures can also be overlaid. The wearer can then glide through the soft tissue to the osseous tissue, locating and observing fractures with great precision.


In Computer-Tomographic Angiography, blood vessels are also displayed. This form of CT scans can also be automatically loaded onto VSI in the HoloLens headset and observed in 3D from all angles, as well as repositioned, rotated and sliced open.

Digital Volume Tomography

In addition to CT and MRI scans, Digital Volume Tomography (DVT) scans can be loaded into the Mixed Reality World through VSI and observed in 3D from all angles, as well as repositioned, rotated and sliced open.

STL Combination with CT

The SLT 3D model data records can also be loaded into VSI with just a few clicks. In addition, these can be virtually combined with previously-uploaded 3D imaging for optimal procedure planning.


The highlight of the VSI for Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery is the virtual superimposition of three-dimensional data records onto the corresponding patient. The scans melt into the surgical site, allowing anatomical structures to be displayed with utmost precision.

angio ct

Full automation

  • Fast upload: 1-click upload any data of CT, MRI, OPG/PTI and SLT
  • Fully automated upload from your own Laptop through VSI Manager
  • Central control of VSI Traumatology by using VSI Manager
  • Full integration into the hospital system

Medical Advisory Board / Testimonial

The development of VSI OMS is determined and significantly shaped by practicing oral-maxillofacial surgeons. It is a product designed by surgeons for surgeons to make everyday work easier and safer for patients.

Would you like functions that we have not yet implemented but which would be very helpful to you and other oral-maxillofacial surgeons? Contact us and become a member of the Medical Advisory Board of VSI OMS. More Information you will find here.