Virtual Surgery Intelligence
Head&Neck / ENT

Pre- and Postoperative Support for Head & Neck Operations (ENT)

Your Advantages:

  • More precise pathology recognition
  • Clear localisation and indication of fractures
  • More precise diagnostics
  • Observe bone and soft tissue structures from all perspectives
  • Improved anatomical orientation
  • Future-proofed with regular updates and upgrades

Diagnostics and Preoperative Planning:

  • 3D observation of bone and soft tissue structures
  • Representation of important cranial nerves and anatomy from MRI formats
  • Rendering of bone structures from CT formats
  • Highly beneficial: Simultaneous representation of rendered bone and soft tissue
  • Highlight: Stages of the operation can be virtually mapped out


  • Comparison by superimposing of 3D CT- & MRI scans over the surgical site
  • Precise orientation through visualisation of fine tissue structures and fractures
  • Virtual measuring of grafts for surgery planning
  • Virtual movement, rotation, cutting and spatial locking of the 3D scans
  • Hands-free operation through touchless voice commands

About VSI Head&Neck

Virtual Surgery Intelligence, VSI for short, is an intelligent software solution for head and neck surgeons. It has been developed especially for individual medical disciplines under the supervision of the Medical Advisory Board, which consists of experienced and clinically-active doctors.

VSI uses Microsoft’s mixed-reality headset “HoloLens” as a platform. Important to note is that the wearer’s environment remains visible, and the virtual elements are projected into the real-life surrounding space. Through this effective use of augmented reality, critical information is displayed to the doctor in real time, without impacting their concentration on the task in hand. VSI is operated using gestures or voice commands.

3D Representation

Especially for head and neck (ENT) surgeons, VSI provides the advantages of true 3D depth. Both CT and MRI scans can be displayed in 3D using the mixed reality headset. The operating surgeon can move them, rotate them, and even move around them. Additionally, the surgeon can ‘enter’ the 3D models, and view the pathology from all angles. This makes it even the most delicate of otolaryngologic structures tangible and visible in rich detail.

Bone Rendering

In addition, bone structures can be rendered from the CT scans. This is a new form of visualisation offered by VSI, which allows the grey tomograms to be displayed in a photorealistic format. The vividness simplifies both the anatomic orientation in otolaryngologic surgery planning and intraoperative situations themselves by offering entirely new perspectives. The rendered bone structures can be viewed both with and without the surrounding soft tissue.

Natural Rendering

In addition to bone rendering, Natural Rendering renders the soft tissues and presents these in a photorealistic and tactile manner. This enables the precise recognition of the course and pathology of important cranial nerves and blood vessels, thus making surgical interventions safer.


For ultimate precision before, after and shortly during ENT operations, VSI allows virtual overlapping of 3D CT or MRI images over the surgical site. VSI identifies the patient using anatomic landmarks and positions the scans onto them.


VSI Telemedicine and VSI Documentation are additional useful functions included in VSI Head&Neck.

VSI Telemedicine enables the user to video-call an expert, colleague or department with the headset. This can be of great benefit, as the surgeon’s field of vision is transmitted to the laptop or PC of the call’s recipient, independent of location. This function is extremely useful for the training of young assistant doctors.

VSI Documentation allows the surgeon to take photos and record videos of the surgical site. These can be accessed via VSI Manager – the VSI platform used to upload CT/MRI scans – and can be used in the surgical report. The material is accessed offline, as data remains within the clinic.

Key Functions in Detail:

Bone Rendering

VSI renders every computer tomography scan, every bone and all fractures. Through this, the bone structures are lent realistic colouring and are made more vivid. In addition, the Mixed/Augmented Reality technology allows the user to see these scans in real three-dimensional depth. The rendering itself is performed by a specially-developed algorithm. It provides the grey CT images a realistic aesthetic that represents the true bone colour.

Bone Rendering VSI


Using anatomic landmarks, VSI recognises the patient and superimposes the 3D CT or MRI scans onto them. This is beneficial as it allows comparison, thus enabling the surgeon to orientate themselves more effectively and precisely.

surgery vsi head and neck

Natural Rendering

This method of visualisation displays important facial nerves, veins and other critical anatomic structures vividly and in colour. It enables the surgeon to better orientate themselves, avoid injuring important structures, and locate the pathology quickly and effectively. This improves the safety and efficacy of the surgical procedure.

Natural rendering VSI

VSI Head&Neck Menu

This is the menu of the VSI Head&Neck for ENT surgery, just as it appears within the headset. Discover the individual functions and the opportunities that they open up for you.

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Automated and Intuitive

Uncomplicated and simple: we will install VSI in your clinic for you. All data remains on-site, and you have full round-the-clock access. Using the VSI Manager, you are able to upload all MRI and CT scans at the click of a button and synchronise them with your headset.

Medical Advisory Board

Every medical discipline has its own individual demands. These are defined by our Medical Advisory Board, consisting of specially selected, experienced high-calibre doctors from a variety of disciplines. Read more.