VSI Telesurgery is ready for use

VSI Telesurgery is ready for use

The sharing function of the Virtual Surgery Intelligence (VSI), which enables the operating physicians to call the head physician, colleagues and/or specialists during the operation and to transfer their own field of vision to the display of the called person, is finished and ready to use!

Telesurgery is part of the basic function of VSI. Other basic functions include the 3D view of CT, MRT, STL and DVT data records (and much more) in free space, their merging, virtual marking, for example for OR planning, and the documentation of operations with photos and video recordings, which can be inserted into the OR report by drag & drop.

Another decisive basic function of VSI is Natural Rendering. This shows a photorealistic representation of the grey 3-D CT/MRI images of your patients with all their structures (muscles, bones, vision, veins, etc.) in realistic colour, which enables even better planning and preparation of the operation. But also assistant doctors get a much faster insight into the tissue and pathology of the patients to be operated. With the marking function “Drawing” the surgical steps can be drawn in.

Telesurgery is not only suitable for the operating theatre. This function can also be a great help during rounds or in the emergency room, in addition to the documentation function. Doctors can quickly and easily consult senior physicians by calling them and showing them what they see. The called senior physician can be on another ward, at home, on business, etc. All he needs is his laptop or mobile phone.

The documentation also helps the doctors monitor the course of the disease. They can take photos and videos of the pathology, save them in the report and compare them next time, or if a new doctor makes the visit, he can see the development better and take possible measures.