VSI at the ENT Congress 2018

VSI at the ENT Congress 2018

Lübeck 12th of May 2018 – Dr. med. Kathrin von Usslar presents Virtual Surgery Intelligence (VSI) in her lecture on “Augmented Reality as a new level in ENT surgery” for the ENT Congress in Lübeck. It is the 89th annual meeting of the German Society of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery and takes place in the music and congress hall of Lübeck, this year with the title “Today research – tomorrow future”?

Dr. Kathrin von Usslar, a member of our Medical Advisory Board and ENT-doctor of the Marienkrankenhaus Hamburg, introduces the VSI as the subject of her abstract for the ENT- Association and informs her colleagues about this innovative technology of the medical world.

Virtual Surgery Intelligence (VSI) is a software that virtually displays CT/MRI images three-dimensionally in a mixed reality headset (Microsoft HoloLens) and places them succinctly over the surgical site. The 3D image can be freely positioned in any room, while the real environment continues to be visible as usual.

Functions such as free mode and fix mode allow slicing through the individual anatomical layers to the body site to be operated on. The surgeon can adapt the hologram without contact as needed using gesture and voice controls. The VSI allows a constant comparison and improves anatomical orientation. “In the future, the technology will overtake classic navigation methods in practicability and precision, which are currently used for sinus surgery“, says Dr. von Usslar.

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